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Creative Management

We believe the relationship between an Independent Creative Business and their Management deserves to be authentic and individual.

Every Established Creative Business has distinct needs that should be celebrated.

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Elie Maalouf

Makeup Artist

Recognized for his artistic vision and attention to detail, Elie always knew from a young age that he was interested in beauty. His obsession with film, art, music, and fashion led him to move from his hometown of Detroit to New York City, and now Los Angeles.


Elie’s experience speaks for itself, with his constant presence with other top artists in the industry. His talent is immediately recognized and continues to work with the some of the most influential people and leading brands today.

Elie also has worked on television and movie productions, and is a member of Local 706.

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Creative Management Services

Customer/Client Document Creation including: Spreadsheets, Forms, Letters, Basic Contracts, Manuals, etc.

Standard Bookkeeping Setup and Operation including: Payroll and Invoicing

Business Design including: Physical Interiors, Merchandise, and Displays

Consult for Projects and Workflow

Provide a separation, between employees, subcontractors, and vendors

Calendar control, booking support

Logistics and Maintain Projects

Implement and Oversee Streamling

Assist with Development

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