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About Us

Palm Trees


Rockwell Management is a boutique agency representing independent artists and creative professionals. Formed from the idea that the relationship between an artist and their representation deserves to be authentic and individual. We believe an agency should personalize what you need, when you need it. Every artist has distinct needs that should be celebrated.


Our individualized approach allows for our talent to not only take on the projects that reflect their creativity, but also dive into industry moments and expand.


Rockwell Management artists are creating at the forefront of music, film, television, celebrity, fashion, and more. Based out of Los Angeles, with artists traveling around the globe.


Rockwell Management was founded by Jonathan Rockwell. With over 15 years in the beauty industry, Jonathan has been a part of the journey for many hair and makeup artists. With his background in management, Jonathan began representing his husband, celebrity makeup artist Elie Maalouf. This natural transition created partnerships and connections with some of the industries leading management and public relation firms. With the joy of being a part of helping to grow and sustain an artist’s career in the industry, Jonathan opened Rockwell Management. 

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